Seep. Acrylic on Canvas 48" x 60"

How often do sneaky thoughts creep into your mind, trying to deter you from your path? Or how many times has an image of a random, long lost experience flashed into your heart while doing the most mundane task? I call this the Seep. Sometimes the Seep masks itself as your own voice, telling you everything that you're doing wrong, how you're failing. Cruel and unforgiving. Relentless with the sharpness in which it tries to break your confidence. Sometimes, though, it manifests itself as a spark; a spark of creativity, of energy, of joy. It's like that tingly feeling you get inside when you hear a song from a lost memory or the way the lighting in the late evening haunts your dreams. The Seep. So simple yet so strong. Perhaps the Seep is our intuition, our sixth sense, attempting to make contact with our consciousness in subtle ways. Always there, always waiting to strike when we least expect it. Ah, the Seep. 

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